Single Ink or FINE Cartridges?

Some PIXMA Photo & Document Printers feature Canon’s Single Ink System, while others use a FINE Cartridge. Which one is right for you?

Why Single Ink?

It’s great for minimising waste. The Single Ink system uses up to 10 individual ink tanks for component colours - so, if a colour runs out, you replace only one tank.  Plus, since you only need to replace individual colour tanks, the Single Ink system can lower your printing costs!

Why FINE Cartridges?

Canon’s FINE Cartridge system gives you maximum convenience. Inks and print head are combined in a single handy unit, which can be easily replaced in seconds. The FINE Cartridge system also gives you fast printing speeds, for when every second counts!

Ink-Out Alerts

Whichever system you choose, you’ll never need to worry about running out of ink again - a pop-up warning will automatically appear on your screen to indicate low or empty ink levels.

Each Single Ink tank also has an integrated LED, which flashes at different speeds to indicate either low or empty ink levels. This means you can check ink levels without the need for a computer – perfect when printing straight from your camera, memory card or mobile phone.