Digital Radiography Solutions

Canon has applied its well-known sensor technology into the flat panel detectors for digital radiography. Its range provides proven superior imaging, even under the most demanding conditions, such as portable X-Ray and low dose.
The Canon’s control software, enables real time viewing, intuitive workflow optimisations as well as further dose reductions through sophisticated image enhancement algorithms. Find out which Canon Digital Radiography flat panel detector fits your needs, or let our local authorized Canon dealer advise you.


Radiography product line up and improved software. The new flat panel detector line up of Canon comes together with Canon NE Control software. Together, they take Digital Radiography into the next level.

High contrast images without using a grid

Canon’s scatter correction software increases the contrast of images taken without a grid up to a level similar to images taken with a grid. Learn more how to achieve reduced scatter and increased contrast with Scatter Correction module software for all protocols.

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Danish hospital chooses Canon Digital Radiography and PACS solutions

At the Level 1 Trauma Centre of the Rigshospital, treating around 12,000 serious trauma cases per year, the challenges are dictated: every second counts, proven technology and state-of-the-art workflow. Rigshospital chose a unique combination of Canon Digital Radiography and Canon PACS solutions. Read their story to find out how they worked with Canon.

Swiss hospital chooses digital radiography solution from Canon

“The DR solution from Canon best meets the needs of our hospital and its patients by allowing us to review x-rays within a few seconds and move devices quickly and easily to where they are needed, often urgently.”
Dr. Jacques Schneider, Chief Physician of Radiology, Universitäts-Kinderspitalbeider Basel (UKBB)