Canon FlatSpread FS-500

FlatSpread FS-500

FlatSpread FS-500 postpress enables production of slim line photo books with widely flat page spreads by attaching flexible clear film hinges directly to the double-sided photo prints from DreamLabo 5000.


  • Produce premium quality photo books with widely flat and fully visible page spreads
  • Slim shape photo books with increased number of pages by binding double-sided photos
  • Achieve high productivity with A4 photo processing speed of approx. 14 second / sheet
  • Easily handle multiple photo sheets with high capacity 100-sheet automatic feeder
  • Control book flatness with manually adjustable width of the film hinge

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Slim photo books

The Canon FlatSpread FS-500 film hinge processor is designed to attach clear film hinges directly to double-sided prints produced by the DreamLabo 5000 printer. Binding double-sided pages with film hinges allows to produce photo books with widely flat page spreads with slim structure even with large number of pages.

Premium quality

Thanks to the clear film hinges, the photo books have widely flat and completely visible pages when open. Lay-flat photo books are highly regarded in the premium photo book market, allowing for a professional looking two-page, single-image panoramic spread.


The FlatSpread FS-500 eliminates the need for exclusive, pre-hinged sheets or mounting prints onto backing boards, reducing material and labour costs and provides more affordable lay flat options. The double-sided photos bonded with clear film hinge are ready for photo book production on binding machine.

High productivity

FS-500 can process an A4 size double-sided sheet in approx. 14 seconds. It has built-in 100-sheet automatic feeder for easy handling and manually adjustable film hinge slit within 0.5mm to 2mm range to control book flatness. Over 20 paper sizes are supported covering major book sizes between 127x152mm and 305x457mm.

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