Canon VB-S910F


A Full HD fixed box camera with optical zoom - ideal for indoor use. Featuring a wide-angle lens and a built-in microphone, this versatile camera captures even greater detail and context.



  • Indoor surveillance camera with incredible accuracy, featuring a wide-angle 78.6° zoom lens and powerful low-light performance
  • 2.1 MP 1/3" CMOS sensor and bright f/1.4-f/2.6 aperture with auto-focus
  • Full HD imaging and 3.5x optical zoom with low-distortion aspherical lens elements for clear, high resolution images
  • Integrated omni-directional microphone for audio recording, providing an extra level of high-quality contextual information
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to install
  • Maintain video quality while reducing data size with Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction and Area-specific Data Size Reduction (ADSR) technologies
  • Intelligent on-board analytics functions for advanced alarm detection
  • Live monitoring and management from a wide range of web browsers and mobile devices
  • Supports ONVIF® Profile S

Specificaţii detaliate

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Full HD video capture

With a wide-angle optical zoom lens, detailed Full HD imaging and advanced analytics functions, the Canon VB-S910F is ideal for indoor fixed-position surveillance applications. The wide-angle 78.6° lens and 3.5x optical zoom ensure maximum coverage from a single position, while its bright f/1.4 aperture and improved minimum subject illumination deliver superb low-light performance.

Integrated microphone

Capture audio and visual information with the camera's built-in omni-directional microphone. The VB-S910F can record audio while filtering out background noise and unwanted echo; the microphone also provides audio alarm trigger functions, meaning video recording activates when sound is detected.

Simple installation and management

The VB-S910F is quick and easy to install, helping keep project costs low. For individual or selected groups of cameras, Canon's Camera Management Tool (CCMT) gives you total control, offering powerful setup and management functions. To optimise image quality and control data usage, Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction dynamically controls noise reduction levels.

Intelligent alarm detection

The camera's 15 on-board Video Content Analytics profiles mean camera operators can conduct surveillance tasks efficiently and effectively. Intelligent analytics provide multiple virtual alarm detection functions, actively alerting operators to suspicious behaviour while helping to minimise storage and bandwidth requirements.

Versatile mobile device support

The VB-S910F's new firmware architecture means the camera is compatible with all popular web browsers and mobile devices, letting you amend camera settings and view live images entirely within a mobile environment. ONVIF Profile S compliance ensures compatibility with existing third-party systems.

*ONVIF® is a registered trademark of Onvif, Inc.

Specificaţiile produsului

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Digic DV III

Gestionează calitatea şi controlul imaginilor


Procesare eficientă în reţea

Optical 3.5x zoom

Mărire optică de înaltă calitate

Digital 4x zoom

Capacităţi extinse de zoom

Digital PTZ

Funcţionalitate PTZ virtual

Full HD

Rezoluţie Full HD

Auto SSC

Controlul automat inteligent al umbrelor

Intelligent Function

Analiza conţinutului video


Înregistrare la sursă

Simple Camera Setting

Configurare printr-un clic

  • Unitate principală VB-910F
  • CD-ROM de configurare
  • Ghid de instalare
  • Broşură cu cardul de garanţie

Calculator cu unghi de vizualizare (AOV)

Calculator spaţiu necesar pe disc (RDS)

Simulator de configuraţie a camerei (CLS)