Canon VB-H751LE


Versatile wide-angle outdoor infrared bullet camera, featuring Full HD image capture, extensive weather resistance, on-board analytics and stunning low-light imaging.



    • 1/3" CMOS sensor for Full HD imaging and outstanding low-light performance
    • Built-in infrared LEDs provides detailed monochrome images up to 30m
    • IP66 and NEMA250 Type 4X compliance for protection from harsh environmental conditions
    • Data size reducing and image optimising Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction and Area-specific Data Size Reduction (ADSR) technologies
    • Intelligent alarm detection with 8 built-in analytic profiles
    • Configuration and live streaming support across multiple web browsers and mobile devices
    • ONVIF® Profile S and Profile G compliance

Specificaţii detaliate

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Crisp, clear Full HD imaging

Thanks to its 1/3" CMOS Sensor and Full HD resolution, the VB-H751LE outdoor IR bullet camera captures stunning levels of detail even in low-light conditions. The VB-H751LE combines high-quality optics and powerful image processing, while 8 built-in advanced analytic profiles deliver sophisticated alarm detection. The camera also features two-way audio for communication and alarm I/O.

Long-range low-light images

Surveillance can continue around the clock, from bright daylight to the middle of the night. In low light, the VB-H751LE's bright 2.4x zoom lens captures outstanding levels of detail, but in zero-light conditions the built-in infrared LEDs provide crisp, detailed black and white images with a range of up to 30m. This long-range IR performance, combined with the camera's excellent low-light imaging and robust outdoor weather-proofing, make it an ideal all-purpose network camera.

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Get more in shot with the VB-H751LE's wide-angle lens, providing a 124.3° field of view and 2.4x optical zoom. The aspherical and Super UD-distortion suppression lens helps prevent chromatic aberration and achieves high-resolution images in Full HD from any distance, while Smart Shade Control (SSC) and Haze Compensation enhance details even when objects are in silhouette or obscured by mist or fog.

Great images even in low light

In light as low as 0.035 lux, the VB-H751LE can capture detailed colour images, while the camera's infrared LEDs and extensive weather-proofing make it a formidable network camera for any situation. To further aid accurate surveillance

Specificaţiile produsului

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Digic DV III

Gestionează calitatea şi controlul imaginilor


Procesare eficientă în reţea

Optical 2.4x Zoom

Mărire optică de înaltă calitate

Horizontal view angle 124.3°

Unghi de vizualizare grandangular

Full HD

Rezoluţie Full HD

All weather Model

Izolaţie extinsă la intemperii

Infrared Illumination

sursă de iluminare integrată

Auto SSC

Controlul automat inteligent al umbrelor

Intelligent Function

Analiza conţinutului video

Simple Camera Setting

Configurare printr-un clic

Digital PTZ

Funcţionalitate PTZ virtual


Rezistenţă la intemperii


Opţiuni multiple de alimentare

PoE plus

Alimentare prin Ethernet

SD Card

Înregistrare la sursă

<ul><li>Unitate principală VB-M751LE</li><li>CD-ROM de configurare</li><li>Fir de siguranţă</li><li>Şurub de fixare cablu de siguranţă</li><li>Placă de plafon</li><li>Şurub de fixare placă de plafon *4</li><li>Cheie fixă</li><li>Şablon</li><li>Garnitură impermeabilă din cauciuc</li><li>Cablu de interfaţă audio/IO</li><li>Conector de alimentare</li><li>Ghid de instalare</li><li>Card de garanţie</li><li>Broşură cu cardul de garanţie</li></ul>

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